Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wacky Instruments, Part 1 - The Daxophone

If you're looking for something to buy us for our birthday here at Aria Serious, please consider buying us a Daxophone. This instrument is a friction idiophone, whose wooden tongue vibrates to create sound. The sound can vary widely based on the shape of the tongue; a different shape means a different sound so the Daxophone essentially has an endless pallet to work from. It can also be played a variety of ways - bowed, plucked, hammered, etc...

But it's the sound that has us captivated. Strangely odd, incredibly unique I'd love to play with one of these and drive my neighbor insane.

The one in the first clip sounds like an elephant burping harmonicas and backed by a chorus of helium huffing ducks.

The second is of the inventor himself playing his wondrous creation.

You can also visit to play a virtual one and, for those with the DIY spirit, make your own.


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