Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 5: The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

On Friday, January 25, at 10 am, we had our 'Ultimate Scavenger Hunt for The Daughter of the Regiment. The winner of this thrilling contest that had hunters actually coming to the theate received two tickets to The Daughter of the Regiment on Friday, February 1, at 7 pm. The clever Karin Michelle Wilcox finished first and took a picture in front of the R. Black posters of The Civic Theatre despite the rain. Congratulations!

Here is how she won the tickets:

At 10 am we posted the following hint on our Facebook page:

It was written in Morse Code and translated with any online conversion tool such said:


This second hint directed the Searcher to visit Stephen Costello's Twitter Page (@CostelloTenor) who plays our Tonio and look for a tweet that was published on January 22, 2013, at 12:39 PM. 

The tweet included a hyperlink to an article about Stephen Costello by James Chute of the UT - San Diego. The tweet was linked to the print version of the article. Here is where the searcher should have used the last two words of the second clue: WEB VERSION.  The web version of the article included three comments. One from San Diego Opera:

It read: 

'Congratulations, Stephen! It is a pleasure to have you as Tonio in The Daughter of the Regiment. Have a look at these pictures from our final rehearsals: http://pinterest.com/sandiegoopera/the-daughter-of-the-regiment/.'

The link lead to a new folder on Pinterest: The Daughter of the Regiment. It contained five pictures:

The first one was linked to our blog Aria Serious? and the other four pictures all included a few extra letters after the photo credits: PM, 02:09, 2013, 01/10. In the right order they said: 01/10/2013 02:09 PM. In combination with the link to our blog, the hint was to find the matching article 'The 2013 season has started!'.

This blog entry included a number of letters in italic:


They formed the following question: 

When was The Daughter of the Regiment first performed in San Diego?

This question led the searcher to our Performance History on our website and the year 1973:

Beverly Sills sang Marie on March 21, 23 and 25 and her name was hyperlinked to one of our The Daughter of the Regiment Events on Facebook The Sunday Matinee on February 3, 2013, at 2 pm:

This event included additional lines on the bottom of the page:

'Take a picture of you with one of the R. Black posters hanging in the windows of The Civic Theatre and post it on our Facebook wall. Don't forget to include the winning codeword, which can be found at one of the doors at the main entrance, to complete The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt and claim your prize.'

Now the searcher just needed to go to the San Diego Civic Theatre on 1100 Third Avenue and find the codeword:

Take a picture in front of one of the R.Black posters and post it with 'BIRKENFELD' on our San Diego Opera Facebook wall. 

And that was it!

Congratulations to our winner Karin Michelle Wilcox!

Come back on Monday, February 10, 2013, at 10 am to participate in our new scavenger hunts for R.Black Samson and Delilah Poster.

Friday, January 25, 2013


The tradition continues with a visit from San Diego Opera's unofficial cartoonist (we should probably make him official by now), Eric Shanower. Eric Shanower is the award-winning artist and writer of The Age of Bronze comics, a retelling of the Trojan War. He has also has written a series of (excellent) Oz novels.

Eric joined us on Wednesday night to sketch the action onstage as we rehearsed The Daughter of the Regiment; his speed and attention to detail never cease to amaze us. Eric actually remembered seeing The Daughter of the Regiment the last time we presented it in 1990.

Here are Eric's sketches. If you have a chance, check out his homepage at Hungry Tiger Press. All artwork is copyright, Eric Shanower, 2013


Day 4: San Diego Opera Scavenger Hunt

Since yesterday's scavenger hunt did not have a winner, we have decided to give the two R.Black posters to today's second and third place. The first place will win 2 tickets to The Daughter of the Regiment on Friday, February 1, 2013, at 7 pm

Here is yesterday's trail of clues:

At 10 am, we posted the following on our Facebook Page:

Yves Abel, our conductor, is in charge of the chorus, orchestra, singers and music. So, the challenge was to find his artist page on www.sdopera.com. The next clue we gave you was: 'to look for what he loves.' 

Since the text did not say what he loves in specific but included the word 'love' in 'The Elixir of Love'. When clicked on it, the searcher was lead to a video on our Youtube channel in which Yves Abel shares his love for The Daughter of the Regiment.

Strange symbols where included in the text:

It is, of course, morse code:

When translated with any online code conversion tool (i.e.: http://www.onlineconversion.com/morse_code.htm) the following message appeared:


Back on Facebook, you would have found the album 'The Daughter of the Regiment - Building the Set'. It included a photo with two birds who are having a conversation.

Here is what they said:

A: 'Are ya serious???'
B: 'Yes, they have been looking for 31 Days.'
A: 'Our Awesomeness is not easy to find.'
B: 'Well, check the blog from 12/04.'
A: 'Alright, let's go there!'

This clue lead to our 'Aria Serious Blog' and the entry from December 4, 2012, named '31 Days of Opera Awesomeness'.

The post included an extra sentence: 'When did we last perform The Daughter of the Regiment?'

And a number of italic letters: search for performance history at www.sdopera.com.

The last time we performed it was in March 1990:

The conductor of that production, Richard Bonynge, was marked red and linked to this year's productions opening night on Saturday 26, 2013.

The events page on Facebook included the final clue, spelled backwards:

.ecirp ruoy mialcot moc.arepods@esurk.nemrac ot ereh uoy dael taht eman s'rotcudnoc eht dneS !ti saw siht ,srehcraeS wolleF

which when read forward said:

Fellow Searchers, this is it! Send the conductor's name that lead you here to carmen.kruse@sdopera.com to claim your price!

And that was it!

Come back tomorrow at 10 am for The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt for 2 tickets to The Daughter of the Regiment on Friday, February 1, 2013!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

People who make Opera: Emilio Sagi

Emilio Sagi, our Spanish director, talks about his involvement with The Daughter of the Regiment.

Share the love: Emilio Sagi

Our Spanish director, Emilio Sagi, shares his love for The Daughter of the Regiment.

Day 3: San Diego Opera Scavenger Hunt

Today's scavenger hunt is over and we have our winners! Kiana Bell who managed to finish the contest in just 1 hour and 35 minutes, and Susan Spoto who crossed the finish line at 5:12 pm, became each proud owners of a R. Black poster.

Here's how they did it:

At 10 am, we posted the following picture of our web site on our Facebook Page:

At first glance it looks like our regular homepage (www.sdopera.com), at a closer look however, you might have noticed the word 'daughter' in the search field. The text said: 'Bonjour! Welcome to our THIRD scavenger hunt. Bonne chance."

Our website gives you three results for the search for 'daughter':

The word 'THIRD' in the Facebook post was written in capital letters and was the clue to click on the third search result which lead to our 'In the Classroom' Page.

The text included one additional sentence that read: 'If you are planning on seeing The Daughter of the Regiment that will return to San Diego for the third time after 1973 (1974 in Phoenix, Arizona only) and 1990, you can also have a look at Dr. Nicolas Reveles Youtube-Videos.'

After carefully studying the page, you would have noticed the hyperlinked words 'third time' which lead to one of Dr. Nic's videos:

The next clue was hidden in the comments: 

The french 'Ca vous plait? Alors consultez notre troiseme fichier en Pinterest pour plus d'informations!' 
said when translated with Google Translate 'Do you like it? Then have a look at our third folder on Pinterest for more information.'

The third folder on our Pinterest page is called 'Daughter of the Regiment - 31 Days of Opera Awesomeness' and contained three new pictures:

All were linked to an album on Facebook and also offered three additional french words: 'Trouvez la photo' which means 'Find the picture.' 

The folders name is 'First Day of Daughter of the Regiment Rehearsals' and it included a picture that contains all the different smaller pictures from Pinterest. 

The last clue could be found in the text:

'You are nearly done! Find The Daughter of the Regiment 2013 jigsaw puzzle. Solve it and send the codeword to carmen.kruse@sdopera.com.'

The Daughter of the Regiment jigsaw puzzle was posted on January 9, 2013, and included a link to http://www.jigzone.com/puzzles/4015F0D099B.

The jigsaw puzzle included 5 hidden letters (E,I,R,A,M) who provided the searcher with the codeword 'MARIE'.

And that was it!

Check in tomorrow at 10 am for another thrilling scavenger hunt!