Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Renee Fleming Gets Her Emo On While Channeling Her Inner Muse

As we've mentioned before, the lovely Renee Fleming will be releasing Dark Hope, a crossover album of indie rock covers. While the track listing has some great bands on it (Band of Horses, Arcade Fire, Peter Gabriel, Leonard Cohen) we just weren't sure if Renee's vocals would add or detract from these songs.

Well, Renee appeared on "This Morning" talk show to perform "Endlessly" by The Muse. As we're not really Muse fans we still don't know what to think. She's faithful to the song, but then we never liked the song in the first place.

So we're reserving judgement until we can hear more of the album. And you can watch the performance below and make your own judgement.

Dark Hope comes out on June 8, 2010 which is also the date The Cure release a 3-disc reissue of their masterpiece, Disintegration. Choices! Choices! So we've decided we're going to purchase the album by the artist who wears the most makeup.

Robert Smith wins by a landslide...

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Chrissy Fleming said...

I prefer this performance to her jazz album (which I really hated but was forced to listen to on repeat at the bookstore where I worked at the time). I applaud her for going out on a limb and challenging herself artistically and musically with different styles. I think it's a great example to set for all these cookie-cutter opera singers being churned out of conservatories right now who seem to think you need to be obsessed ONLY with opera to succeed. That said, I'm not sure I'm going to want to hear all of her experiments.