Friday, January 28, 2011

My Favorite Things To Look and Listen For When Seeing Turandot

Some things we loved while watching Turandot these past few nights:

- The unsteady steps of Reinhard Hagen's blind Timur as he navigates the stage. He's built like an ox, but inhabits his role so convincingly it looks like he could topple any moment.

- Ermonela Jaho's face. One could watch the whole opera on her face without looking at the supertitles and know what is going on each moment - she telegraphs her character's emotions so well.

- The xylophone in the first and second act and its distinct Chinese melody.

- The light on Altoum's face during In questa reggia.

- Perhaps the most memorable moment however is a moment that is so subtle at first we were not sure it was even happening - in the second act, as the children's chorus sings, the adult chorus hums at a level so low they blend in and out with the orchestra. It's a seductive moment, one that coaxes you to listen with new ears and is a perfect example of Puccini's mastery of music and stagecraft and a testament to how good our chorus is.

After you come and see Turandot, please share your favorite moments with us.

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Anonymous said...

Opening night was packed, it was almost to perfect exept for a slight trip by the ice princess, sound was a little low, how fun was the dress at the end, red long and flowing.