What Are You Listening to this Weekend?

A bit of business - our offices will be closed today - Friday, September 9, 2011.

And since it is Friday it's time to ask - what are you listening to this weekend? The Aria Serious crew will spend some time with Otello. It's one of our favorite operas and it's been a good few months since we've put it on. Then we'll head up to Hollywood Bowl for The National concert later this weekend.

Share your listening plans below and please, make it a good one.


Smorg said…
Cool! Have fun at Hollywood Bowl!

I'm catching the final night of the Proms on Saturday. That's always fun and rowdy. :oD Afterward, revisiting the RCA CD set of Tancredi (R Abbado/ Kasarova, Mei, Vargas). :oD

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