Friday, November 18, 2011

Music Collector Alert - 12/3 Hollywood Amoeba

Who likes records? We like records! And if you're reading this, we bet you like records too.

Our friends at Amoeba Records in Hollywood have sent us an email letting us know they have purchased a large collection of classical music from a "well known collector." Sounds mysterious!

They'll be putting it out on Saturday, December 3, 2011. Store opens at 10:30 AM

According to Amoeba:

"This unique collection has many thousands of rare Classical CDs and LPs along with many collectible soundtracks. This is without doubt the finest collection of Classical Music that Amoeba Hollywood has ever acquired. We will unveil this collection on Saturday, December 3rd."

They claim to have thousands of titles from rare classical labels, an enormous range of hard-to-find composers with a special emphasis on Romantic and 20th century composers, film composers (this is Hollywood after all) and rare soundtracks on private labels (!!!).

The collection is said to be in mint/near mint condition.

A word of advice from a frequent Amoeba shopper - limit yourself to what we call the "One Hand Amoeba Rule" - that is, if you can carry it in one hand, without using a basket, you're well within budget. And yes, bracing your stack of music with your chin is totally acceptable provided you're still only using one hand. However if they have the cds in those long plastic cases that you can loop up to your elbow (and we've totally done that before) you're screwed. 

You can find Amoeba here (scroll down for the Hollywood location).

And good hunting.

If you do go and find something totally awesome, share it in the comment section below.

(Photo of Jean Shin's "Sound Wave")

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