Day 2: Samson and Delilah Digital Scavenger Hunt

On Wednesday, February 13, at 10 am, we had our second Samson and Delilah scavenger hunt for R.Black posters. Steven Vail was the first to send his email with the winning codeword, - he finished the race after 38 minutes. The second winner of our R.Black poster was Ali Parsa who responded at 10:51 am. Congratulations!

This is how they did it:

At 10 am, we posted the following first clue on our Facebook Page: 

Translated with any morse code converter like, it said:

It told the searcher to visit our web site, then click on Operas, choose Samson and Delilah and take a look at the 'watch & listen' section. The Podcast section of that site included the following text and a linked word (this biblical subject).

It lead to an '31 Days of Opera Awesomeness' article about Samson and Delilah.

It included a number of bold letters that formed this message
'TWITTER LAST MONDAY AT NINE ELEVEN AM' advising the searcher to go to our twitter page and read the tweet.

The tweet included a link to an interview with Nadia Krasteva, our Delilah, by UT San Diego.

The article had one comment by us:

The next step was to go to our Pinterest Page and find the 'Samson and Delilah Rehearsals' folder:

It includes a number of letters: KOOBEBAF as well as 3 small pictures with the following descriptions: 'a. Find', 'b. eht' and 'c. erutciP'. Read backwards it said: 'Facebook' and 'Find the Picture'. 

Back on Facebook, the searchers found the picture that contains all 3 small pictures (a,b and c).

It included additional text:

'You are nearly done! Follow the third post from February 7th to find the codeword and send it to to claim your prize.'

The Facebook post included this link:

The description section included a few strange capital letters:

They formed the following sentence: DELILAH IS THE CODE WORD.

And that was it!

Come back on Friday for our final Samson and Delilah scavenger hunt for a grand prize of 2 tickets to Samson and Delilah on Friday, February 22 at 7 pm!


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