Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Backstage at San Diego Opera

Putting together an opera is an incredible undertaking. With so many moving parts I'm still amazed at how all these pieces move so organically so quickly.

To capture the act of creating an opera, we here at San Diego Opera produce a series of TV shows called OperaSpotlight These 30 minute programs are behind-the-scenes looks at each one of our productions and feature artist interviews combined with rehearsal footage.

While our 2010 programs are still months away, you can see the magnitude of work that goes into each of our operas by watching the episodes from last season.

I'm personally a fan of Don Quixote so if you only want to watch one, I'd suggest starting with that one.

A big special Aria Serious shout-out must be made to John Menier and Matt Alioto of UCSD-TV who are really the brains behind this whole operation. Even though I get a producer credit for these it is just for standing by the catering table. And by catering table I mean the counter in the rehearsal hall with the bowl of Ricola cough drops and pitcher of water. Hey, everyone needs to start somewhere.

You can watch OperaSpotlight only on our website.

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