Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Game On!

We've admitted it before, and we'll say it again: we here at Aria Serious like a good video game from time to time. And we just love music games. After mastering Guitar Hero, we're now taking on Rock Band, and after firing our bassist, we've decided, reluctantly, it is time to put the band on hiatus and take a break for awhile.

But not for too long as along comes "Maestro: Jump Into Music."

Coming out on the iPhone and to the Nintendo DS, "Maestro" seems to be the first classical music/opera inspired videogame we can think us (and let us know if we're wrong).

Players take control of Presto a small music loving bird and using a stylus either strike up or down in time to the music to have them clear obstacles on the level. It is charmingly simple in appearance, and has a good soundtrack to boot.

Could this be the way to get classical music in the ears (and hands) of the next generation?

We'll be picking up "Maestro" when it releases for some um, extensive research.

You can read about it here and a gameplay clip is below.

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