What Are You Listening To This Weekend?

Friday! And a special one at that. It is time to wish all our Jewish readers a big 'ol happy L'shana tova (Happy New Year) as Rosh Hashanah begins tonight at sundown.

To celebrate, opera will need to wait until next weekend due to family obligations but we do have a nice iTunes mix of Jewish Musicians we'll be playing at dinner tomorrow night: Gustav Mahler, Marc Bolan (T. Rex), The Clash (Mick Jones was Jewish), Serge Gainsbourg, Natalie Dessay, Leonard Bernstein, Irving Berlin, and Bob Dylan, among others, will all make an appearance on the stereo.

We decided to leave Husker Du, Anthrax and the Dead Kennedy's off the list (all primarily Jewish) as dear Aunt Penny is nursing a weak heart.

What are your listening plans this weekend? And whatever they are, make it a good one!


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