Friday, April 16, 2010

About Last Night...

There's a saying in show business "bad dress rehearsal, good opening."

This has me worried.

See, last night's La traviata rehearsal was simply wonderful - the singing was first rate, the acting topnotch, the orchestra, the costumes, the sets - it all came together in such a way as to remind me why I love this silly art form so much and spend many late nights working away in the theatre.

Soprano Elizabeth Futral seems born for this role. She takes the top notes and then bats them around like a playful kitten. It was a pleasure watching her with her parents who had flown in to see the rehearsal. They beamed with pride. They were being modest.

Tenor Marius Brenciu has a wonderful instrument, he's young and will go far with his lovely voice. I'll be watching that career and hopefully it will bring him back to San Diego.

Baritone Alan Opie as Germont inhabits this role fully and sings it like I have never heard it sung before. The Second Act, which I always thought of as the slow point in Traviata, was just incredible with the extended duet between Violetta and his character - to see him transform on stage was a wonder - physically, musically, this is a true artist at work.

Even the choreography of the Third Act, which I could usually do without, was breathtaking and stunning and I didn't want it to end.

But we've said enough. We have pictures! Wonderful pictures! All of these are by Ken Howard.


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