Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Future Of Opera?

The Metropolitan Opera announced this morning they are preparing a baroque pastiche to premiere later this year. A pastiche, or "mash-up" is a selection of "greatest hits" from a variety of operas loosely held together with an often tenuous narrative thread (if one at all).

Or as Peter Gelb, head of the Metropolitan Opera, states "It's meant to be a lighter Baroque affair, one that does not take itself too seriously."

Of course in the era of authenticity a pastiche was something that was unthinkable. And to be honest, the purist in me died a little when reading this. But the arts marketer in me said "right on!"

In a time where opera is competing more and more with other distractions, a night of hearing some operatic highlights sung by some of the greatest singers performing today sounds like a great night out.

And purist be damned, the Aria Serious crew predicts it will sell-out. And that pastiches will soon be coming back into vogue.

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