Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Science Fiction Invades Opera.

Or is it opera invades science fiction?

This week we seem to have received lots of opera news about our favorite literary genre, good ol' sci-fi.

It began with reports of Earth's first Klingon Opera, U, premiering in the Netherlands this month. Then it got even wackier with this "documentary" about sending a message in Klingon into space to invite a delegation to attend. Those Trekkies, always taking everything to the extreme. And when you think about it, do you really want to meet a Klingon opera critic?

Then there is Ka'i: Death of Dreams, an actual space opera that's an opera - with singing aliens and all. And yes, we imagine that would probably make it a space opera opera, but the Aria Serious crew is not big on semantics. And they're seeking a grant writer, if that's your area of expertise.

And finally, we received word that someone is working on Terminator 2: The Opera. And it's as bad as it sounds. Hey, you're lucky we didn't include Robocop: The Musical.

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