Monday, February 10, 2014

San Diego Opera's First The Elixir of Love Digital Scavenger Hunt

Today we kicked-off our The Elixir of Love Digital Scavenger Hunts. Renee Calvo and Jim Boydston were the first to finish this search and each won a Rich Black poster of The Elixir of Love.
Did you try our Scavenger Hunt? Here's a short recap of the clues and hunt below. Check out our Facebook Page on Friday at 10 am for another, more challenging Scavenger Hunt.
February 10, 2014
At 10 am we posted the first clue on Facebook:

Which when read backwards says: 
“Go to our Aria Serious Blogspot and check out the podcast interview with Nemorino to find the second clue.”
One can find the Aria Serious Podcast Interview post with Guiseppe Filianoti who plays Nemorino at The following image shows that certain letters were highlighted in bold letters:

When added together the following message appeared:
"Go to Pinterest. Artist R. Blacks posters for our current season."

On San Diego Opera's Pinterest Page one of the folders is named "Artist R. Black's poster for our 2014 season". Every picture posted in it had one word added in its description: “elixir”, “crossword”, “puzzle”, “from”, “gamewednesday”, “on” and “facebook”.

Added together they advised the searcher to go to San Diego Opera's Facebook Page and find the last GameWednesday post:
A sentence and link was added to The Elixir of Love GameWednesday post from February 5, 2014:

The link lead to a The Elixir of Love Jigsaw puzzle that when solved revealed the codeword: "LOVE":
And that was it!
We hope you enjoyed it and are looking forward to our final The Elixir of Love Digital Scavenger Hunt on Friday, February 14, at 10 am!

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