Friday, February 14, 2014

THE ELIXIR OF LOVE by Joseph Sanabria

Wednesday brought a new artist to our rehearsal, Joseph Sanabria. Joseph is a concept artist and illustrator who works primarily in the entertainment industry. Some of the companies that he has worked with include the Neverhood, Rockstar Games, and Obsidian Entertainment. Over the years he's worked on video games such as :Neverhood, Skullmonkeys and Test Drive-Wide Open. He was the Art Director for the widely popular game Fallout: New Vegas.

Joseph creates many of his final pieces on the computer but also also works with more traditional media such as oils, ink, and graphite. When he's not in the studio he can often be found out and about in Southern California, working on a plein air painting or taking photos. 

Today, Joseph splits his time between various freelance assignments, the new adventure clay game: Armikrog, and a new, unannounced graphic novel. 
Artwork © copyright 2014 by Joseph Sanabria. All rights reserved. 

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