Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Downward Spiral

A new study from the non-profit group Americans for the Arts reported that while the number of arts institutions increased dramatically over the past 10-years, the percentage of people attending that arts has declined.

The study goes onto say that people are turning to the internet more and more for their arts consumption. It also notes that the "remote arts experience" is being made easier with programs such as the the Met's HD simulcasts.

You can read the article here.

It's that "remote arts experience" that has many of us worried. But a reminder - for all of you who can't wait to see La boheme at the Met, we have the same tenor, Piotr Beczala, singing Rodolfo with us. So why not come see him here? He'll be in 3D. Without those silly annoying glasses.


Acting said...

Hi, I think you have brought up a good point here with more and more of us turning to modern technology for having our dose of 'the arts' - Whichever platform you choose. You seem, and excuse me if I am wrong, negative towards advanced technology? Is this true? Though it may be easy to dislike the disadvantages of modern technology, do you think that it may be a better cause to work with it? For example now, I am developing my blogs, using modern technology, to provide people in the arts with information about the various departments in Theatre as well as Job and Opportunities available to the relevant departments. You can see what I mean, if you like, by going to:

I think that your blog offers a coherent and clear structure and if you would spare a few moments to see how my blog is looking, then it would be rather appreciated as I am fairly new to te 'Blogosphere' as I believe it is known as.

If I have done this right, I should now be one of your 'followers.'

Anonymous said...

I think perhaps you have misinterpreted the point of this article somewhat in order to advertise your business.

San Diego Opera said...

Acting - thank you for your words. Allow us to clarify - we in fact love technology and do our best to incorporate it into the Company as long as it provides the best experience for our patrons. As a live performing arts organization however, we're concerned by the trend of people "attending" the arts in the comfort of their own living room or by attending a live broadcast in the movie theatre. For many, especially when time and money is a concern, watching these performances on a screen is good enough just as "reading" a book on tape is good enough for much of the population. Opera is a very active artform for the audience - you must listen closely, follow the drama onstage with your eyes. When experiencing opera on a screen your speakers do the listening, the director and their camera does the looking. And to us, they're very different experiences. Of course we know all great art changes to reflect the sensibility of their current audience and it is possible this is the future of opera, but as long as we exist to produce live opera, articles such as this makes us worry.

Anon - I believe the comments above clarifies why we are so worried by this news - but yes, this is offical blog of a live performing arts organization, of course it exists to promote our performances.

Anonymous said...

SD Opera, I was referring to the comment by Acting, who is clearly advertising his blog & business in this forum.
I was not commenting on the article itself. I apologize for the lack of clarity.