Friday, January 15, 2010

What Are You Listening To This Weekend?

What are you listening to this weekend?

The Aria Serious posse will start our weekend by listening to Dr. Nic's new radio show "San Diego Opera Matters" on XLNC1 104.9 FM (or online here) starting at 9 AM PST. This one is on La boheme and whether or not it is the "perfect opera." What do you think?

After that we're moving onto Troilus and Cressida because we've never heard it before.

Time permitting we might watch the Chargers trounce the Jets but I might just do yard work and let the screams of my neighbors tell me how the game is going.

We have some gems from 2009 we want to revisit including The Middle East, The Gossip, and Animal Collective so that just might trump football. I know if my wife has any say it will...

Share you listening plans in the comments and please, make it a good one.

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