Friday, January 22, 2010

What Are You Listening To This Weekend?

Friday! What a wet week. And quite a wild one too. We here at Aria Serious apologize for the lack of posts this week - just think of it as the calm before the storm.

As we always ask on Friday - what are you listening to this weekend?

We here at Aria Serious are going to spend our Saturday morning with Nic's newest installment of "San Diego Opera Matters" on XLNC1 (104.9 FM) or online here. This week's topic - tenor Piotr Beczala. Filled with interviews and clips this will be a great one. Piotr, by the way, really is as good as we've been promising (and an incredibly nice man as well - this counts, sometimes even more, especially in my world). San Diego Opera Matters airs at 9 AM PST just before the Met broadcast.

Saturday night our La boheme moves to the stage so we'll be at that rehearsal. This of course leaves only Sunday for listening to music, and truth be told, we're going to want silence. Next week is our first tech week of the season which means five nights of La boheme in a row before opening night on the 30th.

Share your listening plans in the comment section, and if you're coming to La boheme be sure to stop by and say "hello."
Make it a good one!

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Smorg said...

Oy! I hope that's not your dog sitting in the rain! :o)

I'm looking forward to La Boheme next weekend, but in the meantime I'm being well serenaded by Jonas Kaufmann's Romantic Arias CD, that is, when I'm not having yet another re-listening of Joyce DiDonato's Colbran CD. If these guys and gals keep releasing a CD each a year I'll really go bankrupt supporting the recording business! :oD