Friday, February 26, 2010

Ensemble Alum Update - Crystal Jarrell

When we last saw lovely mezzo soprano Crystal Jarrell on our stage she was bringing a whole lot of bad news to Cio-Cio-San and family as Kate Pinkerton in Madama Butterfly. We know that didn't end too well, but that's the good thing about theatre - you get to leave all the drama behind on stage when the curtain comes down.

After leaving San Diego Opera, Crystal reprised her role of Kate in San Antonio Opera's production of Madama Butterfly, directed by none other than the omnipotent, god-like trickster, Q - err, we mean John de Lancie, who played Q on Star Trek: TNG. Or perhaps that's just what Q wants us to believe. Whoever really directed it, she tells us phasers were set to "fun."

She then made her San Diego Symphony debut performing an excerpt from John Corigliano's song cycle "Mr. Tambourine Man" based on the works of Bob Dylan. She was back again in February for the Symphony's Valentine's Day Pop Concert and she comes back on March 7 for the Family Festival Concert based on Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham".

Q, Dylan and Dr. Seuss - some people have all the luck I tell you.

Crystal was also a finalist in the National Opera Association of Vocal Competition and she has a new website. She also can't wait to see Romeo and Juliet. Neither can we.

So another update on the busy life of a former Ensemble member. Kinda makes our " finally built a set of shelves in the office" sound kind of lame, considering - my wife would like to add - they fell down after she put a single book on them.

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