Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sneak Peek of NABUCCO

So we're done rehearsing Nabucco and it has come together quite nicely despite a bumpy start with our 11th hour lead replacement, Richard Paul Fink.

Sylvie and Richard a very good together and both look like they're having a great time on stage. Richard especially seems to be relishing in his character's madness and was grinning backstage between acts. Good. It's been a long few weeks for him so it's nice to see him having some fun.

The San Diego Opera Chorus, who time and time again exceeds my expectations, really ups the bar in this one and they sound awesome. So awesome I almost preceded that awesome with the"F" word but then I realized where I was. But they're that good. Their "Va, Pensiero" is haunting with that final beautiful lingering note, their Act 1 finale resounds like an army beating down your door, as it should.

But why talk about this when we have pictures. Glorious pictures.

For those of you who want more to your pictures, like movement and sound, OperaSpotlight Nabucco airs tomorrow night on UCSD-TV. You can find the schedule here. It beats watching time delayed Olympics.

Now onto those photos we mentioned. They're all by photographer Cory Weaver.

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