Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Favorite Shot From LA BOHEME

At the Aria Serious tower we see lots of photos with each production we do here. Each technical rehearsal week means scanning through hundreds upon hundreds of photos to find the 20 or images we use to represent the opera and singers.

In doing this, there is always one image I fall in love with, that for me, sums up the opera perfectly. When I'm lucky, I can use this image for press photos, but often that's not the case.

For LA BOHEME, here's the one that got away - its at the end of Act III after Rodolfo has bared his soul and admitted to Marcello his fear over Mimi's health. It's my favorite scene, filled with my favorite music, especially that wonderful duet that becomes a quartet - the two lovers singing of love and Marcello and Musetta hurling insults at one another. Here's a picture of Rodolfo and Mimi walking off together, they've decided to stay together until Spring but both know their relationship cannot last. For me, this is LA BOHEME in a single perfect image. A special thanks to Photographer Cory Weaver who shot this image, all our images of this one, for us.

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