Thursday, June 9, 2011

The 2012 Operas: MOBY-DICK

We're very excited to be presenting the West Coast premiere of Moby-Dick as the second opera of our 2012 season.

We here at the Aria Serious tower are big fans of contemportary opera as we like to think we work in a living and breathing art form and not a museum (not that we have anything against museums). So when people ask us "what are you most excited about next season?" The answer without a doubt is "Moby-Dick."

We like the music which is beautiful and full of melody but it is also something new and current. The libretto tells a story that is incredibly relevant to the world we live in today. And we like the staging which will be like nothing our audiences have ever seen. We'll talk about Moby more during the summer but first, a little clip from the world premiere.

You might recognize the singer in this clip as our friend Stephen Costello. Stephen is booked during our performances but we have the wonderful Jonathan Boyd making his house debut in the role of Greenhorn for our performances. It will be excellent.

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