Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Opera Caravan

San Diego Opera and the Aria Serious crew are proud to offer the continuation of our Opera Caravan service, a car free way to experience our performances. For a few seasons now we’ve been hiring a charter bus to transport patrons who no longer wish to drive to our performances. And who can blame them, with the price of gas today, the traffic congestion and the parking lot hustle; sometimes just getting to the theatre is a Wagnerian effort.

We’re currently running Opera Caravans from two locations in town –

1,) From Carlsbad with a pickup at the Carlsbad Library (1775 Dove Ln.) for our Sunday (departs at noon) and Tuesday (departs at 6 PM) performances.

2,) From Rancho Bernardo with a pickup at the Remington Club (16925 Hierba Dr.) for all Sunday performances (departs at noon).

If you live in these areas and wish to join us, simply call (619) 533-7018 or click here to add the Caravan to your opera package.

Price is $25 roundtrip per person, per opera.

Don’t live in Carlsbad or Rancho Bernardo but still want to polish off that bottle of wine before coming to the opera? Let us know where you want the Caravan to depart from in your neighborhood, and the night which you attend and we’ll do our best to start a Caravan for you! Please keep in mind we need a certain number of paid participants to keep the price at $25.

Just post your request in the comment section below and we’ll add you to the list.

We’ll see you at the opera!

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