Thursday, February 26, 2009

But Do They Have Any Actual Cupcakes?

The wonderful Opera Tattler, who runs her own blog and paints opera inspired paintings with all the people replaced with cupcakes, has a small show of her artwork up in the Bay Area.

Readers to the North can stop by Squat and Gobble on Lower Haight to see her collection of cupcake inspired opera paintings. (Or is that opera inspired cupcake paintings?) Whatever it is, I don't think any real cupcakes are involved and that's a shame.

But Squat and Gobble is a delicious place for breakfast and one of my favorite places in the Bay Area, second only to Crepes on Cole, and, well, the Toronado. But we have a Toronado here now, and without the dirty hippies out front trying to sell me weed. Bonus!

Squat and Gobble is 237 Fillmore, between Haight and Waller.

- Edward


The Opera Tattler said...

At some point I'll get around to painting San Diego Opera's Tosca and Don Quichotte too. Thanks for the plug!

San Diego Opera said...

Oh, we'd love that. Especially a cupcake Windmill Scene.

Sorry I can't make it up between now and the end of the show.

Damn, now I want a cupcake.