Thursday, February 12, 2009


Don Quixote is a special opera. It is cute, quirky and clever. It is going to make you laugh in unexpected places and then it going to punch you in the gut.

Last night in rehearsals, insanely tired and really wanting nothing more to do than go home, it hit me that I was watching something incredibly magical, one of those things that you only come across once in awhile. Even when you are actively searching for them.

And yeah, it doesn't hurt that Ferruccio Furlanetto is singing at me from twenty feet away.

He's the soul of this opera and an incredible chameleon. Last night he transformed from the tall well-built person I've worked with for 8 years into a frail wisp of a man. And there is a moment, when Sancho leads Don Quixote away at the end of Act IV, where Ferruccio makes a simple gesture that is so heartbreaking, so honest and so profound it took my breath away.

But enough about what I think. Below are some images from last night's rehearsal taken by photographer Cory Weaver from our production which opens on Valentine's Day. I hope you get to see this one.

-- Edward

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