Tuesday, February 17, 2009

While You Were Out

Over the weekend:

- Connecticut Opera closes down after 67 seasons. This closure appears to be permanent.

- The dialogue continues that the Met movies might not be all that, and might actually damage the art form. You know where I stand on this one...

- An opera premieres in a bar after the power goes out combining two of my favorite things in the life; opera and alcohol.

- We touched on it before, but more about Paris Opera's Phantom Voices of the Opera recordings being unearthed.

- Not only did Don Quixote open here on Valentine's Day but San Diego Opera's production of The Pearl Fishers premiered at Opera Colorado to rave reviews.

-- Edward


Mark D'Aquila said...

That brings the list too how many Opera houses closing their doors?
What about a bailout for the arts as a gift to the people?

San Diego Opera said...

A total of 3 so far -- Opera Pacific, Baltimore Opera and now this one.

Sadly, I'm afraid this list is going to continue to grow.