Friday, June 26, 2009

What Are You Listening To This Weekend?

Time to ask, what are you listening to this weekend?

We here at Aria Serious are going to return to Korngold this weekend since we enjoyed Die tote Stadt so much a few weeks back. On tap for Saturday is Violanta, an opera we've never heard before but were able to find used online.

Of course we'll also find some time to put on our old vinyl version of Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 while cleaning up the house.

Share your listening plans in the comment section below.

- Edward


Opera Betty said...

I'm writing a Will Dailey review this weekend, so "Torrent, vol. 1 & 2" is in heavy rotation. And then I'm diving back into the Shostakovich String Quartets. I think they're dreamy.

Smorg said...

I'm having an operettaic weekend. :o) Watched the Zurich Opera DVD of La belle Helene and the Moerbisch Festival DVD of Ein Nacht in Venedig yesterday.

On the slate today are the Opera Lyon DVD of Orphee aux enfers and the film version of Der Zarewitsch. :o)