Friday, March 26, 2010

Has Technology Caused Music to Lose Its Meaning?

Today's Los Angeles Times asks: has all this technology in our pocket devalued the experience of listening to music?

We touched on this a few years back when Aria Serious was just a fledgling little blogette. Our second ever post was called "The Act of Listening to Music" which led to the birth of our weekly column "What Are You Listening To This Weekend?" - a conscious effort on our part, for at least one day a week, to actively listen to music.

Music is a constant in my life; I hear it at work, at home, going to sleep and upon waking up. But I still only truly listen to it one day a week, when I put the headphones on and for a few hours pay attention to every single note. But it is society's habit of passive listening that makes our job as opera marketers so much harder. The opera experience is an active one. You can't just sit back, close your eyes and nod off (well, my wife does...). As technology gets smaller, faster, better, we'll have a whole generation of people who have never actively listened to music.

What do you think? And how often do you actually get to listen to music?

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