Friday, March 12, 2010

The One That Got Away

We here at Aria Serious see lots and lots of images and there is always one we just love but we can't use for our press purposes.

That image for Romeo and Juliet is down below.

Why can't we use it? Well, it was taken from backstage (you can see the exit sign and prop desk in the background) so the image doesn't really appear in the opera from a perspective the audience will ever get to see. But we love it because it shows that fine balance between onstage and backstage. More so, it shows the situational awareness a singer must possess at all times while performing. Ailyn is listening to the music, following the conductor, her colleagues, acting, but is also aware that our photographer has stepped around from our stage manager's station to snap this picture. A perfect example of the mental fitness that singers are required to have.

That and it's a really pretty shot.
Thanks to Ken Howard who this one for us.
Edited to add: Aylin adds that she was actually staring at the monitor of the conductor, which happens to be next to where our photographer was standing. (We have monitors around the stage so singers can still see the conductor if there is no line-of-sight). So credit gooes to Ken as well for being at the right place at the right time. Your check is in the mail.

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Peri said...

I agree. The photo is nice. Those of us in the audience sometimes are not aware of all the actual constant work that the performers are doing ...lots more than "just singing". Tell Ken Howard another one that cannot be used but would be a nice shot is the view from the stage..what the performers are seeing while working so hard. That has to be distracting!
Went to opening night last night and all I can say, in awe, is "wow!"