Monday, March 15, 2010

While You Were Out

Over the weekend:

- Our Romeo and Juliet opened on Saturday. The reviews are in and can be read here. The best review in my book: the fact my wife stayed up all night and "loved it." She even wants to see it again. This is the first time she has said this in, like, never.

- If you missed Stephen and Ailyn on KPBS this morning, you can hear them online here. Things we also learned not in the interview: the KPBS studios aren't completely soundproof, Stephen Costello doesn't use the Konami Code while playing Contra and Izakaya Sakura doesn't serve sushi for lunch on Mondays.

- Francesca Zambello is going to head Glimmerglass Opera.

- Double D's to High C's, Royal Opera to stage Anna Nicole Smith the opera.

- New York City Opera's 2010-2011 season announced.

- Does the future of live opera involve digital sets? Probably. But it also involves the present at Florida Grand Opera. Bet you one day they'll even be in 3D.

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