Friday, March 5, 2010

Whale Watching

As we've mentioned before, we here at San Diego Opera are very excited about welcoming Jake Heggie's new opera, Moby-Dick, to our theatre in 2012. Moby-Dick rehearsals are starting very soon for the world premiere in Dallas (our Romeo, Stephen Costello, is walking around with the score as he's learning the role for Dallas).

In proving that the opera world is indeed a small world, our good friend, former Assistant Director and choreographer for Romeo and Juliet (among many other awesome things), Keturah Stickann is getting ready for Moby-Dick rehearsals in Dallas. She's the assistant director for this one but more importantly she's also the official blogger. Her blog, House to Half, is offering all kinds of insights into bringing a world premiere production to life. If you're interested in reading about what you can see on our stage in two (quick) years, head over there now. And we'll keep you up to date from time to time as new information surfaces.

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Keturah said...

Edward, thank you so much for the plug! The blog has started off slowly as I begin the arduous task of prepping for this opera, but things are picking up, and blog postings will continue to be more frequent as rehearsals begin in two weeks. So stay tuned! : )

Also, on a side night, I am the assistant director (and official blogger) for MOBY-DICK, but I am officially the Choreographer as well. So yes, we all have some hornpiping to look forward to.