Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eduardo Chama's Sancho Panza

Tosca is onstage and the cast of Don Quixote has arrived including Ferruccio "Ace of Bass" Furlanetto, the beautiful Denyce Graves and Eduardo Chama who sings Sancho Panza.

Last time Eduardo was in town we spent an afternoon listening to Don Quixote in my office and he told me one of his favorite roles was Sancho Panza. At the time he was quite sad because the role of Sancho Panza had been cast to someone else. But all things happen for a reason and Eduardo is now in town rehearsing the role he dreamed about many years ago.

To celebrate, below are two clips of Eduardo as Sancho from the Teatro Colon in Argentina.

You can catch Eduardo in the flesh when we open Don Quixote on Valentine's Day.

-- Edward

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