Friday, January 30, 2009

Kill Da Wabbit! Kill Da Wabbit!

It is not often you get to sit down with an opera god, even rarer to have them sing Bugs Bunny cartoons for you.

Earlier this week the ever delightful Keli Dailey of Sign on San Diego did just that and the fruits of her labors are below.

As one co-worker of mine just said "Drool! Pant! Thanks!"

Hey, don't mention it, we here at Aria Serious are givers.

-- Edward


Smorg said...

A basso Valkyrie!! Hey, that has potential, I think! :o) I bet he'll make a good Flicka....

Just kidding. Thanks for a fun interview! :o)

Shannon said...

He's not that bad looking. His Scarpia was awesome last Friday night; he practically stole the whole show.