Friday, January 30, 2009


Ferruccio "Ace of Bass" Furlanetto, general director Ian Campbell and all around nice guy Richard "Big Bertha" Helmsetter played a round of golf yesterday with Peter "Brewery" Rowe from the San Diego Union Tribune.

Arriving to the course Ferruccio commented how hot and dry it was (80 degrees in mid-winter, take that rest of the world) and asked if this was what we called a Santa Ana. I commented it must be hard to sing with the air so dry and Ferruccio responded in his bone vibrating basso, "who cares about singing. I'm here to play some golf."

And played golf he did. With a handicap of 5, if this singing thing doesn't pan out, Ferruccio can always fall back on professional golf.

You can read Peter Rowe's profile on Ferruccio Furlanetto on Sunday, February 8 in the Union Tribune or a few days later here.

-- Edward

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