Friday, January 16, 2009

What Are You Listening To This Weekend

Friday, and it sure feels like one.

This weekend I'll be listening to Vivica Genaux's Handel and Hasse Opera Arias. We here at Aria Serious just love Vivica and Opera Magazine (the small digest UK one) has a wonderful profile on her that just hit newsstands. Reading it made me remember what a special artist Vivica truly is and that her Handel and Hasse cd has been sitting on my shelf neglected for far too long.

Besides, I felt a special frog themed photo for our favorite frog loving mezzo-soprano was fitting today.

What are your listening plans this weekend?

-- Edward

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Smorg said...

Ooooh! Good choice of CD to rock up the weekend! ;o) I'm listening to something from the same period, actually... A dvd of Scarlatti's Ottavia restituita al trono from Beaune in 2006. Feeling Baroque! (it sounds slightly better than 'broke')

Have a great weekend! :o)