Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NEA Honors Lotfi Mansouri

San Diego Opera friend, frequent stage director, and all around nice guy Lotfi Mansouri has been named by the NEA as a 2009 recipient for an Opera Honor.

Lotfi, the former general director of San Francisco Opera, was the first general director responsible for the use of supertitles -- those translations of what is being sung that made opera much more accessible to the general public.

He joins John Adams, Frank Corsaro, Marilyn Horne and Julis Rudel in receiving the 2009 Awards.

All of us here congratulate Lotfi and look forward to welcoming him back to direct Nabucco in 2010.

- Edward


Eric said...

Its "Surtitles" and they originated when Lotfi Mansouri was General Director of the Canadian Opera Company.

San Diego Opera said...

We call them supertitles out here, but surtitles is also correct.