Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Peter Grimes Synopsis Twitter Contest

The wonderful KPBS blog, Culture Lust,is holding a contest for the best Peter Grimes opera synopsis tweet.

You can read about it here and send your best Peter Grimes synopsis tweet to Angela over at Culture Lust's Twitter site. (We'll be getting our Twitter account up in a few weeks, we still think this whole internet thing is a passing fad).

Winner wins... something.

We humbly submit:

Second apprentice drowns; town finds me guilty in witch-hunt for justice. You know, for a fisherman, I probably should’ve learned to swim…

Have fun!

1 comment:

Shtinkykat said...

I'm resisting opening a Twitter account. But here's mine in haiku format:

Angry mobs prefer
To seek blood than legislate
Child protection laws.

Anyhow, bravo to the cast and crew of Peter Grimes. Excellent production.