Friday, April 17, 2009

Peter Grimes: Another Sneak Peak

Taken last night, this is simply my favorite image of the nearly 2000 or so pictures that were taken during Peter Grimes rehearsals.

This scene is at the very end of the opera, Peter has gone out to sea to scuttle his boat. Ellen stands on shore, alone, watching him. What makes this image so wonderful for me is the movement in the background; the village beginning another day, just as the opera began, coming full circle. The lighting, the stillness of Ellen are haunting; she'll eventually turn and walk directly upstage, through the villagers, completely isolated from everyone else, ending this opera.

This is serious opera, incredible theatre, and reminds me why we take risks with performing works off the beaten path from time to time.

Come see Peter Grimes, it really is something special! And has AriaSerious steered you wrong before? We didn't think so.

Photo is by Ken Howard.

- Edward

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