Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can Orchestras Get A 1-UP By Presenting Video Game Concerts?

If this weekend was any indication, well, yes.

San Diego was home to two video game inspired symphonic concerts during the heady, geeky, Comic-Con week we're still recovering from. While we didn't attend either (we had parties to go to and movie premieres to see and uh, crime to fight) we could see from the crowds gathered at the venues that they were well attended. Attended by 30 year old men carrying lightsabers and dressed as Spider Man, in other words, not the typical classical music concert goer. But let's be honest here. Show of hands. Who here hasn't wanted to walk around in public with a lightsaber strapped to your utility belt? Exactly.

The Washington Post takes a look at the untapped market that presenting video game concerts offers symphonies.

The Aria Serious crew is excited by this fact. We'll admit it, we're life long gamers, and some of those themes can instill emotions in us the way The Flight of the Valkyries can instill emotion in others.

But truth be told we're now wracking our brains to come up with some great video game plots that can be adapted to opera... Pong, we're looking at you.

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