Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Opera Saved A Life, Or, Everyone's A Critic

As told to the Aria Serious crew by Michelle in our Development Department who just returned from a hiking trip today:

I was hiking near Lake Tahoe last week. Saw bear droppings on the trail (fresh). Then saw big bear paw prints (also fresh). Figured a bear was nearby (brilliant, huh?) So remembered the thing to do is a) stand still b) be loud and c) allow bear to make his exit. So I stood there and sang “Libiamo” in an Ethel Merman-esque voice. The bear burst out of a bush about 20 ft away and went TEARING off. I’m not sure if it was my choice of repertoire or my vocal technique, but I sure scared the crap out of it.

So, before heading out to the woods 1.) learn at least one opera aria and 2.) forget your singing lessons.

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