Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Feeling The Pinch

As the economy continues its tailspin downward, news is coming out of Broadway that theatres are starting to feel the pinch and closing up shop. Hard times are ahead and how low the economy will sink is anyone's guess.

Truth be told, I really hate sharing this type of news but I don't think anyone who works in or attends the Arts can avoid this topic which seems to linger constantly in the back of our minds.

Will the economic situation affect how you attend the Arts?

If so, how?

Candidly, I will be much more selective of where I spend my entertainment dollars and will rely on the wisdom of my friends and peers when deciding what to do over the weekend. This doesn't mean I won't be attend but I'll be looking for a deal when I do.

Afterall, the Arts are what gets me through the week and without the Arts in my life I imagine I'll feel this economic situation has defeated me even more than it really has. Besides, everyone needs a good escape from reality every once in awhile.

Now more than ever.

- Edward

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