Thursday, November 20, 2008

How To Get Free Tickets

Probably not an option for many of us, including myself, but when singer Adriano Graziani called to buy some opera tickets for a concert by Welsh National Opera he was told "no" and was instead offered the leading part.

Seems the lead tenor had gotten ill a few hours prior and Welsh National Opera was looking for a replacement. With just two hours to familiarize himself with the music and have a last minute rehearsal, Graziani brought the house down and was offered a future role in La boheme.

This isn't the first time he's gotten a lucky break. He also filled in as Macduff in the Glyndebourne Touring Opera production of Macbeth after the lead fell ill.

Graziani swears he is “not doing anything to these tenors, honestly” which just makes us all the more suspicious.
-- Edward

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Smorg said...

Wow... Talking about calling the right place at the right time (and have a lot to show for it, too!)! :o) Good goin' indeed!