Friday, November 7, 2008

Tight Like A Vise...

First the good news. Who am I kidding, there is no good news here.

As condolence however, you will find a box of puppies down below, nature's prozac for all your troubles. Some of you might want to skip directly to the puppies, or, view as needed and repeat as necessary.

Now to the bad news. It is a tough world out there. These past few weeks we've already seen Opera Pacific close its doors for good, Michigan Opera cancel a production, NYCO furlough its employees and Pasadena Symphony cancel performances and lay off some of its senior staff and the Aria Serious moles tell us more big news is coming down the pipeline.

The tight economy is indeed putting the squeeze on arts organizations and the Los Angeles Times explores this in a depressing but nonetheless incredibly important article this morning. The solution, LA Times critic Mark Swed suggest, might be found in bold programming. And he might be onto something. Difficult times usually lead to an increase of artistic output. And these, dear reader, are indeed difficult times.

-- Edward

Now to what we all need, a box of puppies...

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