Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Don Quixote Costume Sketches

We're pretty excited about Don Quixote this coming February.

First, it is an opera we haven't done since 1969 and it is an opera I've personally never seen before. It features Ferruccio "Ace of Bass" Furlanetto and Denyce Graves. It is also a new production that we're designing here so I get to see all the creative people I work with get even more creative.

Take Missy West for example. Missy is our Costume Shop manager but Missy has never designed an opera for us. Sure, she worked on the Zandra Rhodes production of The Magic Flute and The Pearl Fishers and designed many of the costumes for Wozzeck, but for Don Quixote Missy is the costume designer and that's pretty cool because nobody knows costumes better than Missy.

Missy just shared some sketches of the costumes she's creating and we've decided to share them with you. We're currently building these costumes in the shop, so once some of them are finished we'll put some pictures up -- but not all of them -- we need to save some of the magic for when the curtain rises.

-- Edward

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