Monday, December 8, 2008

While You Were Out

The good, the bad, and the ugly from over the weekend:

- Ticket sales lag and uncertainty looms among San Diego arts organizations and even we here at San Diego Opera are not immune.

- La Scala's season opened over the weekend and the drama backstage is clearly more interesting than the drama onstage. Still wanting more intrigue? Be sure to visit the Opera Chic for more detailed accounts.

- The Birgit Nilsson Foundation has announced a $1 million prize to reward the outstanding achievement of a concert or opera singer, a classical or opera conductor, or a specific production by an opera company. We think they're selling themselves short and should include an award for opera blogs somewhere in there.

- Former NYCO head Gerard Mortier is singing the same song in a different city, this time Madrid, when discussing his future plans for the Company. We like the message and think this is incredibly important; let us hope we see some of it come to fruition this time around.

- Speaking of NYCO, David Koch, who is already funding the renovation of the New York State Theatre, will not bail out the ailing Company.

- The challenges at Opera Australia continue as a new chairman steps in to offer guidance.

- The Met is holding a lottery to determine who gets one of their $140 - $295 tickets for $25 in a $3 million ticket discount campaign funded entirely by their managing board of directors.

And no opera company folded over the weekend. Sometimes no news is the best news one can hope for...

-- Edward

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