Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Before The Final Show

A wonderful photo, that came through on one of my daily email alerts, shows two of our dancers practicing their dance moves before closing night of Don Quixote.

Our Assistant Stage Director, Keturah Stickann, took this photo, which I simply love. Something about this image, with the sliver of set showing, makes it seem like this could be a photo from any number of a dozen towns in Europe. I find it charming, even peaceful, especially when I consider all the hustle and bustle that is going on outside of the frame.

You can check out her entire San Diego Opera photo set online here.
- Edward

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Keturah said...

Thanks for the photo credit and plug Edward! I actually wanted to give you a minor correction and tell you that this is Rita Cartwright and Rolf Barnick, two of our amazing chorus members who had a dance bit in the first act of "Don Quixote." Running through this with them on stage before each show was one of my favorite moments of the night.