Friday, March 20, 2009

Stuff Blowing Up to Opera

Some things in life were just meant for one another.

Take chocolate and peanut butter, bacon and eggs, beets and goat cheese (really, it's amazing), vodka and tonic, oh, forget that last one; Friday happy hour can't come soon enough...

Courtesy of procrastination, and a fast Internet connection, comes this gem of a clip of bridges being blown up to opera.

Even on mute there is this strange choreographed beauty of the charges detonating in sequence, like ballet -- but with explosions and explosions, we all know, makes things better, especially ballet. Of course, adding opera to the mix just sweetens the pot.

So enjoy! And don't try this at home, however tempting it might be.

-- Edward

Note to future-self: when you get to direct that opera be sure to include at least one explosion.


Katie said...

That rocked! Although I do think you and whomever it was at VDOT that put it together have way too much time on your hands. Idle hands...

Katie, Opera Colorado

AriaGirl said...

Ah, the possibilities! Opera would be better with explosions. "Madama Butterfly" could've ended with Cio-Cio San faking her suicide, luring Pinkerton into the house, then blowing it up. THAT would be incredibly satisying.