Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Gilda, At Home

Local readers who opened their paper on Sunday we're offered a wonderful look at the family life of traveling opera singer, L'ubica Vargicova with a profile in the San Diego Union Tribune.

Yes, Martin made Steak Tartare, the bane of vegetarian Public Relations workers everywhere, especially when handed a big heaping plate of it by gracious hosts whom you don't want to offend.

Interesting fact: Steak Tartare were named after the Tartans, a fiercely nomadic group who tenderized and "cooked" their meat by placing it underneath their saddle while riding all day. It is useless facts such as these that one can use to dazzle audiences in the hopes they don't notice you moving the food on your plate around so it looks like you ate it.

We're just saying...

- Edward

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