Friday, March 27, 2009

What Are You Listening To This Weekend

Friday, so time again to ask: what are you listening to this weekend? Over here at the Aria Serious tower, we'll put listening to opera on hold in lieu of seeing opera. That's right, Rigoletto open Saturday.

Sunday, we're going to spend in the hammock reading up on some much neglected books.
What are your listening plans this weekend? Are you going to see Rigoletto? Whatever your musical plans are, share them here, and make it a good one.

- Edward


felicia mehl said...

Macbeth with Leyla Gencer and Giuseppe Taddei--totally brilliant! I knew there was a reason I liked both those singers. Too bad there aren't more recordings available.

Michele said...

My musical plans were to cash in my Christmas present and see the opening night performance of Rigoletto. Neither my husband or I have seen an opera before and this one won't be our last. WE LOVED IT!
The first scene is dazzling. The lighting! The costumes! The orchestra! The chorus! I can't believe how powerful the principal singers are.
To be honest, I had balked at how "expensive" the tickets are, but now that I understand all that
goes into creating such an elaborate production, I'm suprised
SD Opera doesn't charge more.
It was an incredible performance, and I can't wait to attend another one.