Friday, March 6, 2009

What Are You Listening To This Weekend

Friday! I've talked about it now for a few weeks but I'm really going to listen to Nabucco this weekend. And that's about it since I'm taking that and about half a dozen books up to the mountain for a weekend getaway before the Rigoletto cast arrives and we're back to our busy rehearsal schedule.

What are your listening plans this weekend? Share them in the comment section below, and have a great one!

-- Edward


Alejandro said...

I am going to be listening to Rigoletto in preparation for the march 28 premier. I am attending with my parents that are not fluent in English (no supertitles for them) so I got them a spanish translation of the complete libretto.

Bill said...

I'm listening to La Sonnambula. Visiting NY at the end of the month and my Mom got tickets to see it at the Met. Given the reviews excited to see what all the controversy is about! Plus first time ever at the Met!!